Owning A Cat 101

Owning A Cat 101

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In order to decide what cat to get, you first need to do a little research into the different breeds that are available. Just like any other type of animal, different breeds can mean different mannerisms and behaviors. There are many different breeds to choose from and what type of cat that you will chose will depend largely on if you are looking for a cat to have in your home as a pet or one that you can breed.

You will find information on how to deal with a new kitten, how to groom your cat, how to figure what to feed your cat, and much more useful information that is going to help prepare you for your new addition. The information in this book is also great for those who already have a cat but have a few questions here or there.

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  • Popular Cat Breeds
  • Choosing a Cat
  • Tips for Dealing with a New Kitten
  • Cat Supplies
  • Cat Food and Feeding Tips
  • The Health of Your Feline
  • The Basics of Grooming
  • Traveling With Your Feline Companion
  • Behaviors That Many Cats Share
  • Disciplining Your Cat
  • Cat Organizations
  • Cat Glossary