Unusual Friendship Between Fox And A Cat.

Back in 2012, a world found out about the unusual friendship of a fox and a cat, who live on the shores of Lake Van, near the village of Chitoren in Turkey.

According to Turkish media, the fox and the cat look like real friends. They eat and even play together. Usually, they wander along the coast together during the day, picking up fish abandoned by anglers and then playing together.

Cat and a Fox spend most of the time together.

One fisherman said that he first saw this pair around 2011 and could not believe his eyes. He observed the friendship of dogs and cats, which are mistakenly considered sworn enemies, more than once. Still, this was done unexpectedly for a fox to make friends with a cat.

His fishing colleagues have been observing the strong friendship of these two animals for more than a year. They fell in love with them so much that now they always warn people approaching the shore not to frighten the animals and do them any harm. Instead, they feed their friends and often see that the cat and the fox treat each other with fish.

According to journalists, the cat represents the Turkish Van breed. These cats are considered to be very ancient aboriginal cats that have long lived in the area of Lake Van, which gave them their name. Its love of water and swimming distinguishes the Van cat breed. According to a legend, Van cats can even fish right in the water.

Size difference between buddies clearly is not problematic.

The cat that befriends the fox is painted white. Most Van cats are white all over except for the tail and head. The tail of the Van cat is painted in red-chestnut color. There are spots of the same color in the head area. So the Turkish journalists may be right, and a cat from the banks of the Van can indeed be considered a Van cat, even though its tail is not painted.

However, the most significant interest is not the breed of the cat but the very friendship of these animals. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to determine the exact cause. Presumably, the cat adopted the orphaned fox and raised him as her own.



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