6 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds.

Cats are considered one of the most affectionate animals, but some unique breeds are full of extra pride and independence. Therefore, when choosing a kitty for yourself, you need to carefully study the breeds' characteristics to find the most affectionate animal that will always be cozy and comfortable. Many people who will have a pet wonder how to choose a breed that would be as affectionate as possible?



Ragdoll cats

Magnificent cats with fantastic hair. But the most important thing is a kind character characterizes this breed. They are the ones who are always happy to be hugged, and even if they are not in the mood, they can endure the loving owner. They perceive the warm hugs of babies very positively. And even if a person accidentally hurts them, they rarely release their claws. These are the most affectionate cats that will become excellent friends to the whole family.



Abyssinian is the one for the kids

A gentle disposition is a distinctive characteristic of the cute and kind Abyssinian endowed with a flexible body and an aristocratic personality. They rarely get nervous, even if children surround them. Many experienced veterinarians recommend getting cats of this particular breed to families with many children.


Sphynx is a peaceful attention seeker.

Sphynx cats are considered very peaceful. They love it when the owners give them maximum attention, hug, and sleep with them under the same blanket. Sphynx is full of tenderness and affection. Of course, you will have to pay quite a significant amount of attention to the cat, but you will receive the same amount of attention and love yourself.

Thai Cat

Thai Cats are the affectionate ones.

The Thai cat is one of the most affectionate cats, which can also follow commands. They love their owners madly. As soon as you sit down, a Thai cat will immediately be next to you in the hope of getting the maximum amount of attention and stroking. They allow themselves to be squeezed and obediently catch toy mice while amusing both adults and children.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat is a gentle giant

Norwegian Forest cats are large-breed. Despite their rugged appearance and large size, they have incredible patience, and most importantly, they gladly accept the caress of their masters. The pacification from the purr of such a giant will be maximum.


Siamese cat is a mirror of it's owner

Although there is an opinion about the aggressiveness of this breed, it is not always the case. The Siamese cat's character depends on the situation and level of care. If a kitten gets into a caring family that will love him, he will grow into a cat that will give its owners care, attention, purrs, and a lot of pleasant impressions.


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