• Cats Actually Love Humans

    Sometimes it seems that cats prefer loneliness and do not like excessive attention. So we have decided to look into the matter and found interestin...
  • Unusual Friendship Between Fox And A Cat.

    Back in 2012, a world found out about the unusual friendship of a fox and a cat, who live on the shores of Lake Van, near the village of Chitoren in Turkey.


  • Why Are Kittens Born Deaf & Blind?

    Newborn kittens are born blind, deaf, and very cute. But few people know that infantile blindness and deafness is an evolutionary mechanism that allows you to grow a natural and fearsome predator in the future.
  • How Old Is Your Cat?

    Usually, cat owners know how old their pet is because it's so easy to remember when and at what age a purchased or found kitten appeared in your house! However, there are situations when the cat's age is unknown, which often happens if an adult animal comes into your possession, or you do not know when the kitten was born.
  • Why Cats Sleep So Much?

    Whenever you look, you will find the cat asleep. When you get up to work in the morning, you find the cat sleeping like a ball on the couch.

    While you are dressing, having breakfast - your pet seems to be spinning yo-yo under your feet. But just feed it, and the cat will immediately head back to bed. 

    When you leave for work, it looks like the troublemaker has already washed up and is "sleeping" again. You still see your pet sleeping on the couch again after returning from work. And then suddenly you wonder if my pet is sick?

  • How to Tame a Street Cat

    Many of us see a kitten or even an adult cat on the street, which they cannot pass by, and then we face a couple of problems: should we take the animal into the house and tame it? How do we tame it? This problem is significant, and we should approach its solution with all responsibility because stray cats are not always easy to educate. It's is a grand mission.
  • Why Cats Are The Best Antidepressant.

    Pet owners have always believed that cats and dogs can heal a person. In particular, most of the credibility is placed on the idea that pet fuzzies can heal emotional sadness, depression, and apathy. In people, these mental states occur pretty often, which is explained by life, work, and many other everyday moments. Often, many of us have noticed how immediately mood and general condition change after a pet sits down next to us.
  • 6 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds.

    Cats are considered one of the most affectionate animals, but some unique breeds are full of extra pride and independence. Therefore, when choosing a kitty for yourself, you need to carefully study the breeds' characteristics to find the most affectionate animal that will always be cozy and comfortable. Many people who will have a pet wonder how to choose a breed that would be as affectionate as possible?